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January 4th, 2009

Sedenkas Rock!

This holiday season our director Tatiana had the wonderful idea of organizing holiday concerts with her “girls” (Divi Zheni), and “boys” (Zornitsa) as sedenkas. In wintertime, in this festive Bulgarian tradition, the young and old, men & women, single folks, married couples & kids, having finished their farming work for the year, would get together for a sedenka — a work party indoors. They would sew, knit, carve, sing, make up new songs, dance and eat popcorn and other seasonal treats. This is what we did with our audiences in December and January! The concerts were so fun and warm and inclusive. Our very game audience members learned and sang songs, and got up and danced a LOT. Some brought thier knitting! At our Springstep sedenka, co-hosted by Violeta Zheliazkova of BGFocus, we were also treated to brilliant accompaniment by accordionist Koliu Kolev, the sweet sounds of the Balkan Revels kids, and the fiery footwork of the dance ensemble Mladost. They lit up the place as always! In the midst of winter and these troubled times, we were grateful to be together with friends and family in music and dance.

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